La Abeja: Familia Comes First

A 42-year old Mexican restaurant that’s become a breakfast hot spot is known for its huevos rancheros.

It may look like a traditional Mexican restaurant, but there’s nothing traditional on how La Abeja became the buzz among online reviewers and blogs.

“We’ve been trying to keep the flavor and tradition of the food, you can’t find our salsa anywhere else,” said Rogelio Fonseca, owner of La Abeja. “My parents always said…give them the right portion, giving them the quality, the flavor and they will be back again.”

La Abeja, which means bee in Spanish, has not changed its recipes in over 40 years.

The top-rated food items that keep reeling people back are the Machaca (shredded beef with eggs), the huevos rancheros, and the Menudo on the weekends.

This laid back restaurant buzzes over their beans, which are made very simple with a lot of flavor.

Fonseca acknowledges a big part of the restaurant’s popularity to Yelp.

“Because of Yelp, it has spread all over, we see many kind of people including hipsters that we never saw before,” said Fonseca.

History has been made in this location, generations come and go but this location will continue to share its food.

“La abuelita”, one of the iconic figures of the restaurant is what also keeps bringing people back to its doors.

Gloria has been helping out at the restaurant since 1969.

“She’s my aunt now, she doesn’t know where to go anymore” said Fonseca. “People seem to like her, they acknowledge her a lot.”

This landmark in Highland Park, originally a pharmacy then turned into a convenience store and finally a restaurant has kept in touch with its neighborhood.

Fonseca believes the customers are what make La Abeja, people sharing their lives surrounded by his food.

“You guys can’t get rid of great landmark like this…it’s not easy,” said Fonseca.

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