LA Craft Beer Crawl

Hoof it, while hopsing it up, around downtown.

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Welcome to this post. Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to speak with November for a moment.

Hi, November? Hi. You are a lovely month. And you are free to do what you like. We're not going to judge. But it always makes us smile when you, and the other chillier months, throw summer-like events. We're not saying you shouldn't, since this is LA, where summer can and does sometimes show up at unexpected moments, but still. Sticking with colder-weather things is probably best for you.

But August? And mid-August? Prime time for the summeriest of events. Take a foofy beer crawl. You have beer, which is pretty mid-August, especially when served frosty. And you have a crawl, which is pretty mid-August, too, seeing as how people don't want to exert too much effort.

Take the LA Craft Beer Crawl. It's happening downtown on Saturday, Aug. 13. Participants'll get to move around to seven different venues and try about 50 or so beers (update: organizers now say they are planning on offering a selection of 90 or so brews). 213 and the beer chicks are presenting the day, so bet everyone'll know their foam and barleys and such.

General tickets are still available. They're $49 and change. This feels like a sell-out situation to us, what with it being the middle of August, and what with the nice beers, and what with 213 being involved, and all.

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