LA Dining: What Could Be Improved

A writer responds to Saveur's LA issue.

When food talk gets feisty, we put down our fork and listen, politely, and then invariably we start waving our fork and spouting opinions until we settle down and return to eating once more.

DineLA alerted us to a piece from Rob Eshman in the Jewish Journal, which details the omissions he sees in the March issue of Saveur. The foodie magazine has several pages devoted to Los Angeles cuisine, to our tacos and French dips and cafe-rich regions.

Mr. Eshman's round-up is provocative, and while a few bring pause, and a slow "yeaaaah, we can see that," there are some that have been gnawing at us for many an eat-out year.

Including #7, not enough outdoor dining options. We support those options we do have; some are quite lovely, and serve our sunny clime well. But more. We also need more types, from sidewalk cafe to expansive, wooded grounds. More. Visitors want that experience, locals want it, too.

It's February, and people are in tankinis. Tank-in-is. This is an outdoor-dining kind of city. Tankinis.

There are several debate-starters on the list, including #3 (Angelenos eating to live, not vice versa); check out Mr. Eshman's full summary.

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