La Quinta Wheels: New Pedicab Deal

The Pedi-Pedi -- a pedicab ride and a pedicure -- is a fresh deal the desert oasis.

La Quinta Resort and Club

SOME HOTELS... sit on pert little rectangular pieces of property, and any sort of nature or pool action is clustered close to the main building, so close you can almost leap into the pool from the lobby. But then there are expansive destinations, wonderfully rambling places, the kind of historic hotels that unfolded over several decades. Those are apt to be found in wilder, more remote places, of course; it is hard to start any multi-acre getaway in a tightly realized cityscape, nowadays. Look, rather, to the desert, where spots like the still-oh-so-1920s-esque La Quinta Resort and Club are known for their rather grand presence. Very grand, in La Quinta's case: Not only was it a glammy go-to for stars of Hollywood's Golden Age (and where Oscar-winning movies were sometimes written), but, physically, it sits on a hefty 45 acres.

NEW PEDI-CABS: This means there's enough room for its dozens of pools -- some eensy, some lap-sized -- but it also means that the pathways wending through the property can take some time to cover. That's one of the pleasures, of course, strolling by the desert garden or palm-y oases, but there is a way to enjoy it by wheels now. The resort just purchased two pedi-cabs, and while garden tours are on the horizon, for a small fee -- that's a to-come deal, so stay tuned -- there is a deal on now that involves a ride and some nice-looking toe action.

THE PEDI-PEDI TREATMENT: Before those garden tours bloom, though, there is a fresh spa treatment that involves a) a pedicure and b) a ride in the two-seater cabin of one of the cabs. It's the Pedi-Pedi, an easy handle to remember, and the resort is introducing it in time for Mother's Day 2015. So will you pick a blue color for your toenails, to match the top of the pedicab? Or the blue of the sky or pools? It's up to you, relaxing vacationer. Call the hotel spa for package details, and watch for upcoming property-by-pedicab tours. 

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