LA Street Food Fest Eases 405 Woes

The mondo truck to-do has getting-to-the-Rose-Bowl tips.

The closing of a big chunk of the 405 on Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17 is an inconvenience for many, for sure. But consider those people, groups, and organizations who have major events happening on one or both of those dates, events that would normally require some participants to take the 405 freeway.

But some organizers are thinking ahead and thinking fast. Take LA Street Food Fest, which is happening at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, July 16. The fest has a page of travel tips and getting-there suggestions. One we like? The free shuttle from the Gold Line's Memorial Park Station.

We're bravo-ing their patience and fortitude. The fest is rightly famous for traffic jams *inside* its gates -- people love to queue up for those dosas and ice cream sandwiches, boy -- so to see them handle the traffic outside their event is cause for applause.

Plus, Pasadena. Not so close to the 405. You can get there. We're not saying the street of our fair city won't go all squiggly-do on July 16, because it is a fact that they will (we think we might have seen "squiggly-do" on an official press release). But a little planning, with the help of those smart LA Street Food Fest ladies, means you can be chowing on a carnitas empanada on the 16th without too much drama beforehand.

Want to see the trucks that'll be lining up at the Rose Bowl? Oh, there's a bunch. There will also be several notable chefs demoing, including, say the organizers, "a group of Baja chefs who have never cooked together before." The mayor will be among the day's sampling judges. 

Eye all the details now. A general admission is $60, and the fest notes that they do sell out.

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