LA Fashion Week: Voom by Joy Han at the California Market Center

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Picketers stood outside the California Market Center chanting "Vote for Voom," while the crowd dribbled into their seats for the unveiling of Voom by Joy Han's spring '09 'Conservatively Liberal' collection. In an attempt to open with a bang, there was an opening performance which, frankly, made it feel more like a high school talent show than a fashion event.

We were relieved to finally get to the collection, a bright, flirtatious presentation. Accessorized with rhinestone glasses, gloves and adorable Lena rose hats, the show was dominated by dresses (three of 46 looks included pants) in fuchsia, blue, green and peach, which allowed the basic black and white pieces (the strongest looks) to shine. From short, sexy cotton numbers to boho chic in patterned silk, the collection is what we've come to expect from Han—tons of vibrancy, at its best when tempered.
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—by Geri Hirsch
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