LA Food Show Opens in Beverly Hills

Hard to believe that California Pizza Kitchen has been around for nearly a quarter century. Now, just steps away from where the first CPK started be-shrimping gourmet pizzas, a new member of the famed restaurant chain is making its debut. LA Food Show, which fires up its stoves tomorrow, sports some of the classic touches that fans of CPK will recognize, like creative entrees, an airy, contemporary vibe and a watch-the-cooks exhibition kitchen.

But the new eatery has its own personality and flavor apart from its known-by-its-initials cousin. The focus is on the cultures of LA, and how those deliciously marry on the plate; Miso Black Cod and Buttermilk-Battered Fried Chicken & Waffles are two dishes diners can expect to see. We'll probably sample the Homemade Meatloaf first, because cooler temperatures=heartier dinners. It's a fact.

We're expecting, like LA itself, that the ingredients, sides and presentations will come together in surprising ways. Take, for example, salad on top of a pizza. Every time we've ordered this dish at CPK, it tickles us. We know it is coming, we saw it described on the menu, but there's still a little zing seeing all that lovely lettuce piled atop a bubbly, cheesy pie. So we're thinking that the LA Food Show meatloaf may cause us to pause and reconsider everything we've ever believed about meatloaves prior to now.

LA Food Show, 252 N. Beverly Drive

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