LA/Valley Pride

Here's the thing: Judy Tenuta rocks it so hard and everyone knows it. So when we heard she was a headliner at this weekend's LA/Valley Pride, we were ready to throw on a feathery boa and give it up for JT. I mean, let's all agree that Ms. Tenuta perfected the whole diva thing before so many of the wannabe divas stormed the scene. They so wish they could stand in her magnificent wedgies for a day.

But the accordion-wielding goddess isn't the only fabulous feature of the festival, rest assured. Now in its ninth year, LA/Valley Pride, in its mission statement, says it endeavors "to improve the quality of life for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people through awareness." That goal takes many forms during the daylong party, including community group booths, musical acts galore, and tons of activities supporting equality, understanding and fun. Plus, a bonus: CBS in Studio City is the setting, and festival organizers encourage attendees to have a peek at the spots where classic sitcoms like "Gilligan's Island" were filmed.

If only La Tenuta would dedicate one of her witty ditties to us, our day would be complete.

LA/Valley Pride
Sunday, October 12
CBS Studio Center, 4024 Radford, Studio City

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