“Labyrinth” Masquerade Attracts Merry Fairies

Get in your goblin get-up and make for the Park Plaza.


There are only so many things you can do to de-cubicle yourself at the end of the day.

DVDs and music and books work wonders. Long walks. But still. Why, in your heart, do you have fantasy and adventure, but in your daytime life, not nearly as much as you'd like?

The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade is a fine end-of-the-week de-cubicler. If the film "Labyrinth" comes to mind, good, but know that this is a party -- actually two parties, on Friday, July 16 and Saturday, July 17 -- that caters more to the non-tot set.

Because. The took-hours-upon-hours costumes. The fripperies and the masks. The ribbons and the wings. The goblin crowns and the queenly ruffs. The sexy show of bosomry. Thank goodness, is all we can say, that this happens in the summer, and not at Halloween. We figure people need the November to July stretch to plan what they'll wear.

The good goblins behind the party, which marks its lucky 13th outing in 2010, say the vibe is based on "Venetian Histories, Celtic Fairie, and Goblin Lore." Goblin lore. Cubicle levels dropping, adventure rising.

This year's ball is at the mysterious and beautiful and highly staircased-out Park Plaza. A perfect fit for royal court types and their haughty strutting and regal airs. There will atmospheric music, too, and lots of it. Some jigging. We hope, jigging.

There are things to know and ticket what-have-yous but the main thing we want to stress is wear something fabulous. The minute you show in everyday clothes, you'll begin to re-cubicle the revelers around you, and nobody needs that at a Friday or Saturday night fantasy masquerade.

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