LACMA Lamps Get Their Own App

You've taken out-of-town visitors to the corner of Ogden and Wilshire to see Chris Burden's Celebrating Urban Light, the giant lamp forest in front of BCAM at LACMA, light up. We have. And try as we might, we can never seem to time our moment of arrival.

"Andddd, wait for it. Any minute now. Annny minute. They'll come on. It's spectacular. Want a coffee after this? Just a few more seconds. Should we walk to the tar pits while we wait?"

Now we don't have to worry about timing any longer; there's a fresh iPhone app spotlighting the lights we all know and hover around with anticipation. The app, called "Urban Light Day to Night," is a nifty time-lapse-y deal that shows the famous lamps turning off with the sun overhead, and then popping on again at twilight.

It's free, too. Oh, we'll still haunt Ogden and Wilshire to see them go all aglow in person, but it'll be handy to have 'em in our pocket, to show to not only out-of-towners but people we're visiting out of town. Bragging about LA and all that.

And while we're lingering around the corner of Ogden and Wilshire, at least in our minds, we must mention that the next Target Free Holiday Monday is coming up on October 12th, in honor of Columbus Day. Should you take your new iPhone app and stand in front of the lamps and snap a picture of your app and the thing it is app-ing? 

Very meta. Do it.

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