LACMA Rock Opening Date

Levitated Mass gets its grand debut date.

Skimming a rock across a pond? It probably takes all of five seconds to pick up a stone and throw it, right?

But picking up and releasing a much, much larger rock? Say, a granite hulk that tips the scales at 340 tons, give or take? Not quite as easy.

Such as been the journey of the now-famous rock behind the artwork called Levitated Mass. The boulder at the heart of artist Michael Heizer's epic piece attracted nighttime crowds as it made its 11-day journey from an Inland Empire quarry to the Resnick North Lawn at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Wilshire Boulevard.

But LACMA didn't reach to flip over the "Now Open" sign upon the boulder's pre-dawn arrival on Saturday, March 10.

Nope. It takes time and days and effort and planning to position a massive hunk of hard matter over a cement slot (yep, if you haven't heard yet, you'll be able to walk under the boulder).

Now Levitated Mass has its grand opening date: Sunday, June 24. A dedication ceremony is set for 11 a.m. that day.

Here's our favorite bit of this story thus far: If you live in a zip code "along the transportation route" you get free entry to LACMA from June 24 through July 1. Maybe to revisit the rock, if you said hello along the way?

Peek back at the boulder's late February-early March road trip now.

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