Laguna Art-A-Fair: Customer Appreciation Weekend

Free admission: Join the art-fun to-do's festive summer farewell.

BITTERSWEET BYE-BYE: Bidding lovely things farewell is never an easy task, no matter what date the calendar reads. But there's something a bit more tender about letting go at the end of summertime, that season of longer, gadabout days. We know autumn is on the way — the morning light and brisker breezes tell us this is so — so we must wrap up all of those lovely outdoorsy festivals that are synonymous with the sunniest of stretches. One of the coast's best-known art-filled extravaganzas also is heeding the close of August, and the start of fall, and thus is saying "so long" for another year. It's Laguna Art-A-Fair, the famous fine art festival which just marked its first half century as an ultimate showcase for paintings, photography, sculpture, and more. So how is such an esteemed to-do sending another grand season off? By waiving admission for not one day, but a full Saturday and Sunday. It's...

CUSTOMER APPRECIATION WEEKEND, and it will lend liveliness to the Laguna Canyon Road location like so many brushstrokes on a canvas. (One has to be a bit florid when speaking of such a creatively minded spectacular.) Saturday, Aug. 27 and Sunday, Aug. 28 are the dates, so block out a few hours to enjoy the final run of this eminent festival while checking out the whimsical and sophisticated wares of some 125 artists. Are you ready to say goodbye to summer and California's major alfresco art happenings? The time has come, so enjoy them now, or what is still open and welcoming friends. That's Laguna Art-A-Fair, through Aug. 28, 2016.

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