Lake Casitas Confab: Ojai Wine Festival

It's the 30th anniversary for the Ventura County vino party and fundraiser.

"GOING TO THE LAKE"... is a phrase many a Golden Stater longs to utter around early June, and, nope, it doesn't matter where that lake might be. But if that lake is a bit magical, and it has a lavish wine festival on its shore (upping the general lake-y magic), and that festival raises money for local philanthropic efforts, then the summertime phrase takes on some gravitas. If you're a wine fan, and an Ojai enthusiast, and you say you're "going to the lake" on the second Sunday in June, you very likely could be talking about Lake Casitas, which will once again be the scene for the Ojai Wine Festival. It's long-running, if you consider three decades to fall under that header, and since its 1987 founding it has raised a lot of funds for area charities ("a lot"=$1,000,000+). Numerous vineyards have also made the scene, and made some new fans, over the last 30 years, with over 60 wineries from around the state signed on to participate in the 2016 festival. That festival is on...

SUNDAY, JUNE 12... and will also include "an expanded beer garden" with "30 national and regional craft breweries" in addition to the multiple wine vendors. There's a VIP tasting area, with chances to try "exclusive" libations of Nobelle Wines, Gainey Vineyards, and spirits and beer, too, and live dance tunes'll keep the lakeside reverie full of fizz. 

FUNDRAISER: If you want to lend some love to The Rotary Club of West Ojai's service projects, which are supported in part by funds raised via the Ojai Wine Festival, you can do so right here, or find out more about the organization and what it does.

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