Lake Arrowhead Oktoberfest

Failure at Music Box30
Tim Fears

Wear lederhosen? That's up to you. This laid-back mountain-town Oktoberfest is really about donning comfy jeans, kicking back on a hay barrel and listening to oompah bands among the pines.  Sure, you can participate in various contests to test how long you can hold a heavy stein full of beer without spilling a drop (a few minutes, if you're strong), but this well-attended fall celebration is about brats, sunshine and brews aplenty.  We also like the price of admission: free. That just means we have extra money to spend on sausage products. And we will.

What do we adore most? Arrowhead itself, because this little hilltop burg just feels so darn Europe-y, but a version of Europe we can get to in a couple hours and still be back home by nightfall. Now that we're thinking of it, we might be compelled to find some real lederhosen. Or learn the accordion by this weekend.

Lake Arrowhead Oktoberfest

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