Lakers 2013-14 Schedule – LeBron On Chrismas, Dwight's Return

The Lakers 2013-14 schedule was released and LeBron James comes to LA for Christmas and Dwight Howard returns to face the Lakers' crowd twice.

The Los Angeles Lakers 2013-14 season schedule was announced on Tuesday, and there are some meaningful dates every Lakers fan should quickly jot down.

First of all, the Lakers tip the season off with a back-to-back, hosting the Clippers on Oct. 29 and taking a late flight up to Oakland to play the Golden State Warriors on the next night. Hopefully, Steve Nash doesn’t break his leg two games into the season this year.

For the big holiday game, the Lakers will host the Miami Heat on Christmas Day.

Four weeks later, the Lakers travel to Miami on Jan. 23 on the front end of a back-to-back. That game is part of the Lakers’ infamous “Grammys” road trip, which is slated to kick off on Wednesday Jan. 15. Over the next 12 days, the Lakers appear as visiting headliners in seven cities. That road trip ends against Metta World Peace and the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Jan. 26. A month later, World Peace will return to a standing ovation at Staples Center on Tuesday, Mar. 25.

The Boston Celtics have completely gutted their roster, but beating the Celtics is always a welcomed sight. The Lakers visit Boston on Jan. 17 in the second game of the “Grammys” road trip, and Boston returns the favor on Feb. 21.

Although the Lakers face the Houston Rockets four times, Dwight Howard does not return to face the Lakers’ shower of shame until Feb. 19. Also, Howard returns to LA on Apr. 8 in the Lakers’ fourth-last game of the season. Will his boos be louder than Kwame Brown’s? ...I'd bet on it.

As is customary for division rivals, the Lakers and Clippers meet four times. After the Lakers paint the Staples Center floor gold on opening night, Chris Paul and crew host the Lakers on Jan. 10 and Apr. 6. In between those last two meetings, the Lakers host the Clippers in the “Battle for LA” on Mar. 6.

The Lakers also drew Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and the Oklahoma City Thunder four times. On the anniversary of the Notorious B.I.G’s death, the Lakers host the Thunder in Los Angeles--Mar. 9, for those who don’t know when Biggie died. The Thunder may be the Lakers’ unlucky team, as the Lakers also play Oklahoma City on Mar. 13, Feb. 13, and Dec 13.

On Wednesday, Apr. 16, the Lakers conclude the 2013-14 regular season at San Antonio. Time to get excited, Lakers fans.

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