Lakers Launch New Smart Phone App

The Lakers teamed up with Lucid Appeal to launch a new app on Thursday, so Triple Threat took a quick look at all the new app offers.

The Los Angeles Lakers had the day off on Saturday, so Triple Threat decided to take a moment to pass along news of the brand new Lakers' smart phone app.

After trying it out for a couple days, Triple Threat is happy to say that the Lakers and Lucid Appeal partnered to create a product worth the price of download…er, it is a free app. In any case, the app is well put together with team schedule, team news, an image gallery, and a video library being the most useful components.

Also included is a roster with stats to help fans know who is on the floor when garbage time rolls around and the starters are all sitting on the bench, which is what happened on Friday night against the Portland Trail Blazers. 

When forward Earl Clark stepped on the floor late in the fourth quarter, any fan in attendance could have simply used the new Lakers App to see that Clark is 6-10, 225lbs, and in his fourth season in the NBA. 

The new app also has a place to buy Lakers tickets for fans who want to watch the team play live at Staples Center. 

Finally, the Lakers App also has an interactive component that includes a fan wall where app owners can see check-ins, write on the app wall, and view tweets from the official Lakers twitter accounts. This app actually takes fan interaction one step further by allowing app owners to check-in and send each other messages.

All-in-all, the new Lakers App is a useful tool to keep up to date with team news and the team schedule. Since it is free, there really is no reason not to download it.

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