Los Angeles

Suspects in 19 Burglaries Reached in Through Windows to Swipe Items

In one case, a woman awoke to see a man's arm reaching through her window

Los Angeles police announced arrests Wednesday in a string of 19 burglaries in which the suspect reaching in through windows and grabbed items.

Four people were arrest in connection with the crimes, which began in August and occurred while the victims were at home in communities bordering downtown Los Angeles. In one case, a woman woke up to see an arm reaching through her window. 

Items stolen included electronics, cash and jewelry. One victims said she had just dozed off in the living room when she noticed an arm reaching through the window.

"He took the screen off, put his arm right through the window and then I woke up," said Alexandra Jonas. "I started screaming, he ran and that was it."

Detectives also seized multiple weapons when they made the arrests.  

This page will be updated with details. 

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