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Golden Road launches an IPA on, you guessed it, National IPA Day.

National holidays that spotlight this one type of beverage or this other type of food? They're all well and good, but we like to see action, too, in the form of discounts or special dinners or new launches that have to do with the day in question.

That third thing is happening on Thursday, Aug. 2, which happens to be National IPA Day. With that in mind, you can probably guess we're not here to talk cake or licorice; nope, we're here to chat beer, as in Golden Road Brewing beer. "LA's largest craft brewery," which is found a pip off the 5 freeway near Griffith Park, is honoring the IPA day with a new IPA-themed release: Wolf Among Weeds.

It's the first beer in the brewhouse's custom IPA series. It's also described as a "hop-heavy double IPA," which sounds perfectly suited to its warm August launch date. Plus, canned beer? Look, it isn't solely for the hipster set; you want a frosty cylinder nearby in the height of summer, the better to press against your too warm cheek after an afternoon of backyard lounging

Are you with us? No skinny jeans are required to love La Vida Cans.

Wolf Among Weeds can be found at select locations around town or in Golden Road's on-site pub. You totally want to go to the pub and talk with other suds-sippers about the pine sap notes in this beverage, right? Make it a communal thing.

In other related local beer news, the unrelated Venice Beach Beer Company launched its June Gloom beer a few months back. We mention because it is also SoCal-based, so yay that, but the very name also sounds cooling, too. Beers as cooling devices? The time-honored idea is a good one. Find a hot spot in the yard, then take a sip, then press the bottle or can to your cheek for an instant cool-down. Take another sip, press the can or bottle again. Take another sip...

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