LA's Little Italy

Dear Food Lovers, History Aficionados, People Who Have to Know What Used to Be on Every Corner of Our Storied Megalopolis,

"Los Angeles's Little Italy" recently debuted from Arcadia Publishing. You know these books. Every week there seems to be a new one detailing a fascinating slice of our city (complete with rare photos and insider tidbits). We liked the Farmers Market book that debuted over the summer, and the -- how many now? -- 17 or so volumes about Pasadena alone.

Okay, we kid. But Arcadia's ALL over the history/photos biz.

Like in this book. Visitors see Little Tokyo and Little Ethiopia, and they often ask where LA's Little Italy is, or was. They want to know more of the story of our city's first Italian immigrants, their businesses, how they impacted what Los Angeles would become. Author Mariann Gatto looks back -- way back, to the 1800s -- and better illustrates the faces and names behind the events.

Did we mention Ms. Gatto works as the curator at El Pueblo Historical Monument? Definitely someone in the know.

It's $21.99, and you can order online.

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