Last-Minute Tonight: Nicole Simone and Ed Harcourt

Oh Monday. Wicked Monday. Necessary, we-need-you Monday, but still. Your rep as the most treat-less of days lingers.

Quick solve: A bar, a girl singer, a guy singer, a cocktail. Nicole Simone, she of the mysterious voice, strummy, old-timey balladry and comely, vintage-ish looks, is at Bordello Bar on June 29th at 8PM. Should you go? Monday night and all? Yes, especially if you like shoe-gazer-y tunes with a sense of etherealness. More etherealness in all things, including music, we say.

Joining Ms. Simone is Ed Harcourt. We first heard Mr. Harcourt on KCRW's Sounds Eclectic, perhaps like yourself. He plays piano, he's thoughtful, his songs plumb the deepest depths but don't lack for pep. Again, just the salve to cure a Monday night.

Bordello Bar is at 901 E. First Street downtown.

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