Late-Night Dining Downtown

Pete's Cafe & Bar

We read with relish -- actually, a miniature candy bar and a cheese stick -- today's Gridskipper survey of downtown eateries that stay open 'til the wees. And agree we do with all the tasty, pancake-heavy picks (helloooo Pantry!), though we must add another: Pete's Cafe & Bar.

Seeing a show at the Taper or Disney Hall? You'll want to leave the theater peckish and head over to this bustling bistro, which keeps the fancy burgers sizzling 'til 2AM. That's the middle of the night for a city where it seems like every fourth person has to get up at 5AM to make the call time.

We long for the pleasure of ordering lamb bolognese at 1:42 some morning inside this swank, metropolitan-cool nitery. That would be one special moment indeed. We don't even care that we'd be totally stuffed as the sun rose.

Pete's Cafe & Bar, 400 S. Main Street, Los Angeles

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