‘The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson' bumps up No Age performance

"The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" ran No Age's performance of "Eraser" Thursday night, instead of the scheduled Oct. 27 running -- perhaps, just maybe, to capitalize on all the chatter? Seriously, before this No Age thing, when was the last time you thought about Craig Ferguson? Wait, so you've actually thought about Craig Ferguson before? All teasing aside, he decently diffuses the situation with a quintessentially late-night host monologue, replete with self-deprecation, "I'm so wacky" facial expressions and props to the band he's clearly never heard. As far as No Age goes, well, it wasn't their finest hour but Randy Randall stripping off his flannel at the last minute and storming off the stage should go down as one of 2008's more punk, if compromised, moments.

-- Margaret Wappler

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