Launches & Releases: SATC Won't Die Lives on with Patricia Field's Destination Style NY on HSN

Just in case you weren't waiting with bated breath with the remote control when Patricia Field's Destination Style NY collection launched on HSN yesterday, here's a little round-up of some of the apparel and accessories offerings. Ranging from $35-$200 and from size zero to 16, currently six of the 79 items are sold out online. The styling is truly horrendous, but we will leave it to HSN to know its audience. It also underscores the fact that most people would look incredibly ridiculous trying to dress, literally, like Carrie. So, we'll just say buyer beware—some cautious selections might work out just fine, but going for full-on SATC might leave you looking like, well, HSN models. UPDATE: Forgot to mention Vogue's effort to conquer the heartland with the free subscription that comes with DSNY purchase.
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