Today in Totally Weird Things You Can Buy From American Apparel: Scraps!

Today in totally weird things you can buy from American Apparel — this $8 "Bag-O-Scraps", a random selection of fabric swept right off the factory floor. The scraps come with their own 'zine detailing five different art projects, from "clever jewelry, accessories, a card for your grandma or a colorful hanging sculpture for your apartment".

We're skeptical, but blog Hipster Runoff has a more philosophical take on the matter: "Maybe the bag-o-scraps is sorta a lesson about life. Not everything is going to be a perfectly tailored t-shirt in a unique colour sold at an above-market price because ur buying a ‘quality brand.’ Sometimes u have to take what life gives you–a bag-o-scraps– and turn it into something beautiful." Well, if you put it that way... [Hipster Runoff]

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