Los Angeles

Law Students Set to Hit Polls on Election Day to Answer Big Questions and Small

Many voters headed to the polls next Tuesday will see poll workers from Loyola Law School at locations across Los Angeles and Orange counties to answer big questions and small.

For the first time, Loyola Law School is partnering with the LA County Registrar's Office with a focus on helping voters understand their rights. It is a unique partnership that the school hopes to expand nationwide.

"They know what the rules are. They are making sure the rules are applied fairly. They are a diverse group. So they are making sure they look like LA County looks," said Loyola Law Professor and Associate Dean for Research Justin Levitt.

These poll workers, who speak a total of 17 different languages, will serve at 11 locations that have been traditionally understaffed including Hermosa Beach, Eagle Rock, Jefferson Park, South Gate and Santa Monica.

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