LBC Longshoreman Build a “Dark Harbor”

Behind-the-scenes video on the Queen Mary's new haunt.

Queen Mary

Just how does a major Halloween attraction come together?

Well, monsters don't wish it into being. A witch doesn't wave a wand and suddenly, poof! There's a fully realized maze.

Rather, it takes a lot of time and a lot of plans and the pitching in of a lot of hard-working people. With that in mind, and now that we're just days away from the opening of Queen Mary's Dark Harbor, we wanted to share this video that the ship recently shared on Facebook.

It's the time-lapsed coming together of the "Hell's Bell Tower," and operating the various machinery are none other than the longshoremen of Long Beach. No wands waved here, or buildings wished into being; it is hard work.

Dark Harbor opens on Friday, Oct. 1.

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