Lea Thompson Stops by New Bev Cinema (Probably)

Lea Thompson. We still -- still! -- kind of wish that Eric Stoltz had ended up with her in "Some Kind of Wonderful" (we know, John Hughesian heresy; apologies dear Watts). Waiting on that sequel where maybe things will go in that direction. And waiting.

And great Marty McFly, let's not even start on "Back to the Future," and Lea Thompson as Marty's mom, and the whole Calvin Klein joke, and the "it's like I'm kissing my brother" bit, because once one begins on "Back to the Future" it is too difficult to stop.

But Ms. Thompson, like Patrick Swayze, her co-star in 1984's "Red Dawn," was in many important and memorable movies of that amazing decade for movies. And the actress is stopping by -- if schedules allow -- to chat with fans of "Red Dawn" at a screening -- at a 25th-anniversary screening, mind you -- of the flick at the New Beverly Cinema.

"Red Dawn" is playing large on Saturday, July 4th, 11:59PM; tickets are seven bucks.  

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