Leg-Abouts, Lazy Days, and Llama Love

Steven Lam

ANIMAL PALS: Hotel deals and packages often need a little something extra to stand out. Yes, we do like the gratis glass of wine upon arrival, most definitely, but we often want something a bit more. Well. Tweetable? Maybe that's a fine word to use. And the El Capitan Canyon's Spring Adventure package has that "bit more" in the form of a llama meet-and-greet. Right? Did your last hotel deal have that? We'll take a guess and check the "no" box. The posh, al fresco-y Santa Barbara-close stayover, however, happens to have a few cute llamas on the property, and it wants to lead package participants on a "custom privately-guided hike to meet the Canyon's llamas." Oh yeah. Score.

MORE MORE MORE: Besides llama-loving-on, you'll nab two nights in a Creekside Cabin, coupons for toasty breakfasts (helpful when you're outdoors-ish), and a massage for two. Prices begins at $725, and the offer runs through June 30. If you do go, tell the llamas we said "hey." Or, maybe "what's up?" is better. (We're not sure if "hey" is too similar to "hay"; we don't want to stir things up in Llamaville.)

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