Leslie Caron in Person

The legend will by at an "An American in Paris" screening.

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We've been doling out the exclamation points this week, like Santa handing out candy canes, but we really can't help it; mid-December has bewitched us, through and through.

Glad we kept a few of those excited punctuation marks stashed away for the Saturday, Dec. 18 event at The Egyptian. Leslie Caron will be making an appearance, and "An American in Paris" will screen. And, cue the points: !!!

And, speaking of punctuation, here comes the part where we add a period after the first and last names of a famous actor: Leslie. Caron. Yes, she danced in "An American in Paris," famously, with Gene Kelly. She is one of the fabled stars of MGM's fabled golden age of musicals. She did, and does, ladle out sweet charms and eye-flashes and twirls with ease, an ease many an actor would buy, at any price, if they could.

Ms. Caron will be signing "Thank Heaven: A Memoir" at the theater, too. Yes, that's a reference to "Gigi," another not-at-all-small movie she starred in. If you like your big candy-colored '50s-era songfests, you're likely patting down your brow right now. The excitement.

And if you were at the Kim Novak event this past summer, bet we'll see you paying tribute to this great musical star on Dec. 18.

(Oh, and if you want to be floored, sartorially, just check out the pert little gloves on Ms. Caron in this "Paris" still. Somebody, in this town, we're begging you: Bring back this look for real.)

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