Dig your spoon in one last time to sate your arty appetite.

How is that jam you made over the summer at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art? Pretty tasty? Or is it now all gone, scraped down to the last of the fruity bits? Or are you pulling it out solely for company and on special occasions?

We understand if is the latter. It isn't every day that one gets to make jam at a world-class museum, and it isn't every world-class museum that gets down into the dirt and celebrates the food we grow and all of the flower-covered vines that spring from that tasty topic. But LACMA is a singular place, as we all know, and the institution's year-long EATLACMA events and studies have proven popular with people who like their art and like fruit and like thinking about where matters of a painterly, plate-rly nature might intersect.

The final EATLACMA hoedown is happening on Sunday, Nov. 7 at the museum, and, as can be expected, there's a lot on the buffet table. Like, performances and artist appearances and offbeat matters like "the world seen from a potato's perspective." We have always wondered about that; you, too?

There will be a watermelon-eating contest -- stand back, those not wanting to be juicy-fied -- and the history of eating implements. And more mmm-mmm merriment, put in a warm oven and set to simmer.

Let Them EAT LACMA is a long one, noon to 8 p.m., as long as a piece of pasta you can't stop adding semolina to. And shouldn't that strand of pasta be our minds, and the semolina stand in for ideas? Something like that. You can make more random food-art analogies on Sunday, Nov. 7. We highly recommend doing so, in fact.

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