Wine Lovers Rejoice

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Vito Di Stefano

LET IT BREATHE: You've heard someone say it: "This wine needs time to breathe." In fact, maybe you've said it, because you know when your "young Cabernets" need air to soften their tannens.

Until recently, this "breathing" business has taken place, almost exclusively, in decanters. Now there's high tech -- and virually instant -- way to aerate a bottle of wine, and it's the Jetson's-looking attachment, shown here.

The Rabbit Aerating Pourer is a handy tool for you or the wine-lover in your circle. Great for gift-giving, too, because they really do work. Our sources assure us.

BUY ONE: The Metrokane Rabbit Aerator/Pourer is sold at your nearest Bed, Bath & Beyond location, or at


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