Let’s Mary Again

Miss Poppins will return for a lickety-split August run.

Joan Marcus

You know that August day when the LA sky kind of takes on an orange sheen, thanks to the extreme heat?

Yeah. We all know it. And we're thankful that a) those days don't come along very often and b) we'll have some cool London fog to sit in this year.

At least in our mind and hearts. That's because word has come from the Center Theatre Group that "Mary Poppins" will return to the Ahmanson Theatre on Thursday, Aug. 9 for a four-week run.

Did the mega-musical-dancing-chimney-sweeps-magic-umbrellas show do well last time it flew through town? Why yes. It was something of a record-breaker, although we fear putting it that way; after all, Mary Poppins does not want to see anyone breaking anything.

Spit spot, et cetera.

That was two years ago, though, and we're guessing there are many fans who want a second go at the musical as well as youngsters who are now old enough for a fancy night out of musical theater.

Yes, we know, New York loved the show, as did London, and other places beyond. But wait. What? You say "Mary Poppins" has deep Burbank roots, what with the film being shot there and all? Oh, we're not going to crow about that fact or anything. There are no rivalries. But will we put a link here, just because? Oh, we most certainly will.

Tickets go on sale on March 4, but if you're a season ticket holder, you can buy 'em now.

A vid from a few years back:

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