Let’s Meat, Indeed

The 3rd Annual Korean BBQ Cook-Off returns with delish offerings.

Korean BBQ Cook-Off

First of all, cook-off? We mean the term? Serious stuff. Especially when it slips into the name of a food-oriented gathering. It suggests that the talented people at the stoves and grills had to earn a right to get there (or that they will be going for bragging honors during the event itself).

Second of all, Korean BBQ? Hello. Los Angeles may not have an official cuisine or dish (we know, we know, Cobb salad is up there, and the fish taco, and the classic burger), but sizzling pul-kogi and gal-bi certainly makes up some of our city's most famous and flavorful fare.

And third of all, what we're hinting at and not getting to, because we must rhapsodize about pul-kogi? The 3rd Annual Korean BBQ Cook-Off, which is happening on Saturday, Aug. 6 at Hobart Street between Wilshire Boulevard and 7th Street. It's six hours of superior snackage, all at a fine price -- entry is free, and plates'll run between five bucks and fifteen.

And those plates? Eight Colorful Flavors of Pork (think pork belly with extra zazazz), and ssamjang (you know the piquant paste, a condiment we practically just want to drink straight from a cup, and Korean pickles. Meat will play a big role in the day -- the tagline of the festival is indeed "Let's Meat" -- and you're sure to have access to all the major players of the Korean BBQ table.

And the cook-off part? Participating chefs had to try out in July, so you'll be enjoying creations made by artists at the top of their particular game. Hours are noon to 6 p.m. Come slightly famished, and if you want to drink your ssamjang straight from a cup, like we do, we won't tell anyone. Maybe you'll start a new trend.

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