Libros Schmibros

A beloved Boyle Heights library sets up shop in Westwood.

Marianne Williams

The mobile lending library is not a new idea, and yet it still challenges assumptions of what a library is for many people. Because while libraries certainly have a sense of place to them, it of course isn't about the building, but the people, the books, and the relationships. That goes for pillared, tome-packed palaces and the school corridor picture-book cart.

Now a Boyle Heights lending library is taking a small, multi-week sojourn in Westwood. Libros Schmibros will open at the Hammer Museum on Saturday, Aug. 27, and it will continue to lend books and sell books through Sunday, Oct. 9.

The book-lending part is free. The book-buying part goes like this: Pay half the cover price, or, if you are a Boyle Heights or Westwood local, pay a dollar.

But here's the bold part in a storie that has a number of good bold parts: Free museum admission goes to any visitor who shows with a book donation. (There is a list of requested titles, so maybe skip that one book that nobody in your circle is liking and keeps passing on. On second thought, maybe all that book needs is the right person and a little more love.)

Let's also note that LA authors are getting the spotlight during the drive. Sandra Tsing Loh? Charles Bukowski? Francesca Lia Block? Make someone's day.

The Grand Opening Book Drive is from Saturday, Aug. 27 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

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