Like a Food Truck Drenched in BBQ Sauce

Gus's BBQ, at home and straight off the smoker? Yes.

We've officially entered Fun, Sports-Themed Foods Week -- let's throw an ironic (tm) onto the end of that for laughs -- which just happens to be the one week of the year that we see at least a dozen foodstuffs shaped into edible footballs and helmets and goalposts.

The fact is, if you're throwing a Super Bowl party, you likely want snacks that your guests will remember, so going beyond opening a bag of corn chips is recommended. You can shape a meatloaf into a helmet, or you can rent an entire super smoker, plus someone to do the smoking, from a local SoCal favorite.

That might have been a big leap, from helmet-shaped meatloaf to your own mega BBQ party on wheels, but creative culinary thinking is paramount when it is only days to Super Bowl Sunday. Gus's Barbecue has a rather impressive answer in its brand-new Smoker Trailer.

The Pasadena landmark -- it has been around since 1946 -- just introduced its twist on the food truck this month. Some notable factoids? The 10-foot trailer, which can attach to the back of a Gus's van, is a wood-burning smoker. Amount of meat it can cook at one time? Five hundred pounds. There's also a 50-inch plasma TV, stereo system and satellite dish.

Yeah, Super Bowl dreamtime.

A Gus's cook comes along for set-up and clean-up and the smoking part, too. So all you need to do is kick back with that plasma television, hundreds of pounds of ribs and chops, a sports game and your many guests.

Costs will depend on the package, says a Gus's spokesperson.

We like all of this for two reasons. One? It's good timing, what with the Super Bowl and all. And two? We wondered what the next phase of the food truck concept might be. Hot tub on the roof? Bake-your-own muffins? We're happy to see that it is a full-on wood smoker with a giant plasma television.

Though we could not have predicted that food-truck-y turn of events, we're happy that Gus's Barbecue was thinking big.

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