Like Sundance, Only Scorchier

We mean, if you want. You can wear your parka, and the big puffy pants, and the only pair of boots that you can walk around in without sliding on ice. But it'll likely be warm, near 90 warm, and a revitalizing, post-screening hot toddy will not be necessary.

The Sundance Film Festival is headed for Los Angeles for one short-filled night on Friday, August 21st. Which makes us happy. Because you know the shorts will be great/interesting/provoking/jaw-dropping/hilarious, in some combination, probably with mind-testing/chuckle-eliciting thrown in for good measure.

But also, we get a bit of the famous film festival right here on our own shores. In August. No need to funnel half the industry into Park City via some giant Industry-funneling tube; the fest will be here for a night. Bonus: James Franco is slated to appear along with a film he directed. There are also films by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride.

Danny McBride will not be attending, but that can't -- it won't -- stop us from loving on his HBO series "Eastbound and Down" right here, right now.

Bonus-iest of all: It's free. Meaning no advance reservations, meaning prospective attendees should get to the Downtown Independent early on August 21st. Way ahead of the 8PM start time. To get your seat. You can play with your phone or whatever in line. Read. Bring a book. Cross-stitch. Or a friend.

Party to follow with DJ Suckapunch.

The Downtown Independent is on Main Street here in LA. So much of Sundance takes places on Park City's Main Street. Would this be the perfect place to say "Main Street meets Main Street on the 21st"? Sounds movie tagline-y. So we'll leave it.

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