Like the Little Devil/Angel on Your Shoulder, But Sexier

How much do we like scenes in old movies where the tiny, pointy-tailed devil sits on one shoulder and the hand-wringing, be-winged angel on the other? And the unlikely pair both whisper madly into the large human's ears about his next act? We love them. So to see that scene brought to life, with loads of sass and sultriness and style, by comedians April Macie (a finalist on NBC's "Last Comic Standing," and the devil in this scenario) and Christina Pazsitzky (also of "Last Comic Standing" and MTV's "Road Rules," and the angel), promises to be a gas.

But let's be honest. Pazsitzky, the peachy-sweet girl of equation, does not act totally pure during the "Naughty and Sorta Nice" night, and Macie, who counts as her turn-ons "male strippers," is way, way beyond naughty. (Doesn't the word "naughty" sound quaint and vaguely scold-y?) Racy is probably close. Steamy even.

In fact, prepare for the adults-only evening to fall squarely in the "not so nice" corner, as the two comedians banter about sex, more sex, guys, marriage, not getting married, oh, and sex. Their current show, which is taking them to points abroad as well as points Irvine, is titled "Sex in Every City Comedy Tour," so count on everything hanging out, at least in the dirty, devilish talk on stage.

January 24, 11PM
Irvine Improv, 71 Fortune Drive, #841, Irvine

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