Lindsay Lohan's Appetite For Destruction

A source close to the Lindsay Lohan case tells NBCLA that she has three big problems going into her court appearance Friday for violating the terms of her probation:  She's facing immediate jail time, she's not taking her sobriety seriously, and she has surrounded herself with friends who are allegedly fueling her appetite for drugs and alcohol.

The source also tells NBCLA that since the 24-year-old actress got out of jail and rehab last month, she has had several all-night parties at her West Hollywood condo.  The source said these parties would allegedly start with Lohan calling friends asking them to bring over vodka and it would escalate from there.

The source close to the case also said that a bodyguard has offered to work for Lohan to keep drugs, alcohol, and the party friends away from the actress, but so far she has refused the help.

All that post-rehab partying came to a head last week when, by her own admission, she failed two court-ordered drug tests.  Lohan reportedly tested positive for cocaine and amphetamines.  On her Twitter page, she wrote, "Substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn't go away over night. This was certainly a setback for me."

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elden Fox issued a warrant for her Tuesday, demanding that she appear in his court Friday, or face arrest.

NBCLA legal analyst Robin Sax said Lohan has lost all credibility with the court and there is a good chance she could be sent back to jail Friday.

"There is no legal requirement for Judge Elden to give 30 days per probation violation in Lindsay's case," said Sax.  "Going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and tweeting her admission are good signs, but not likely enough to change Judge Fox's mind that some swift action like jail time is a must."

Sax adds "My guess is that we will see something more substantial in terms of jail time and/or he will put her in immediate custody Friday, at least to send the message "I am not messing around."

Lohan recently spent two weeks behind bars and 23 days in rehab. She was released early on the condition that she stays clean and sober.

The actress had hoped to resurrect her career by portraying 1970s porn star Linda Lovelace in a new movie that starts shooting in November. But now, because of her on-going legal and drug issues, she may be too much of a risk for Hollywood producers and movie studios.

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