Live Sound Effects Provided by “Police Academy” Star

Oh "Police Academy" movies. How many are there of you? Many. And for that we are glad. What would Saturday afternoons without some "PA" on the TV and a family-sized bag of cheddar and sour cream chips be? They'd be boring and aimless and un-yuk-filled, that's what.

Actor Michael Winslow is a major part of "Police Academy" lore; even if you've never seen one of the hijinks-y, people-on-the-force-being-funny flicks (of which there are seven, according to Wikipedia), you know about this man's amazing ability to manipulate his voice in myriad ways. All kinds of mechanized vehicles. Animals. Whirrings and metallic whooshes. Crazy, "can-he-really-do-that?" stuff.

Mr. Winslow is bringing his special, one-of-a-kind vocalizations to Silent Movie Theatre on Wednesday, June 10 for a one-night-only kind of deal. The venerable theater is screening a bunch of silent shorts, and the star will be up front, screen adjacent, doing the sounds. Ladders crashing, old Model Ts zooming, you name it -- he's voicing it, and he'll be doing so right there.

It's June, so the year's nearly half over, but this is just about the best night out at the movies we've come across in '09. Fantastic. If the actor were here now, we'd have him voice a huge round of applause for himself, for Silent Movie, and for this fun outing on Fairfax.

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