“Lone Star” Stars to Show for World Premiere

The new fall ensemble shows early at the Paley.

Used to be, back in the day -- oh, let's call that day 1995 for convenience sake -- that a world premiere of a television show occurred at the same time as its first airing.

No longer. Shows and movies are frequently popping up months in advance, in out-of-the-way theaters, at conventions -- hi, Comic-Con -- and at places like the Paley Center for Media.

The Paley is, in fact, holding one such world premiere on Tuesday, July 20. The new FOX show "Lone Star" will screen, and the outsized cast will chat, and fans of "Party of Five" and "(500) Days of Summer" can show up and see it all and be satisfied they've seen the show two months ahead of its television debut.

"Lone Star" has its first airing on Monday, September 20 on FOX. It's set in Texas, in case you didn't guess. Oil is involved. Family issues. And Jon Voight! Yes.

And the reason "Party of Five" and "(500) Days of Summer" were mentioned above; check out the credentials of the creative crew behind the show.

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