Bracelet Thief Pulls a Quick Switcheroo, Stealing Woman's Family Treasure

As the thief offered the woman a necklace, she swiped her 24-carat bracelet

A 24-carat bracelet considered a family heirloom is now long gone as it was snatched from a Long Beach woman’s wrist.

Pamara Khensouvann was being distracted by a woman who attempted to steal her bracelet - and she did.

Surveillance video from Khensouvann’s home shows a white SUV passing by, and then reversing. A woman waves from the back seat asking for directions to a hospital and as Khenosouvann explains, the woman strangely offers her a gift.

The gift was as necklace that the woman forced onto her wrist and as she wrapped it around, she took the 24-carat bracelet.

“I used to wear it everywhere I go,” Khensouvann said, "That’s a gift from my mom."

Reportedly, several people have been victims of the same couple of women.

Khensouvann hopes this video leads to their arrest.

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