Looking Forward to “Rear Window”

Last Remaining Seats announces its summer schedule.

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We'll be frank. We vow not to hem-and-haw over this one, Benjamin Braddock-style. When Los Angeles Conservancy announced its 2010 Last Remaining Seats schedule, we were kind of overwhelmed by the presence of "The Graduate." But, then. It's easy to be overwhelmed by that movie, right?

We're quadruply, or quintuply, overwhelmed in 2011. The Conservancy just announced the handful of films that will play in the historic downtown theaters over a few weeks this summer. Play to SRO crowds who tend to get their tickets month in advance. Because they, too, get "Graduate"-overwhelmed? Probably.

But we have to admit that "Rear Window" is taking up a lot of our heart space this year. A cast-wearing Jimmy Stewart. A pearly-pert Grace Kelly. And Thelma Ritter, Thelma-Ritter-ing up in the plot in the way few modern actresses can! Joy.

It's playing on Wednesday, May 25 at the Orpheum. We're also looking forward to the last film of the summer series, which happens to have "Last" in the title, so that'll be easy to remember. It's Harold Lloyd in "Safety Last!," which has just about the most iconic of downtown LA scenes ever put to film.

Man. Boater hat. Glasses. Skyscraper. Clock. Hanging. You know it, you love it.

Check out the full schedule, and note that Conservancy members get first crack at ticket-buying. General public tickets are on sale on April 13.

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