Los Angeles Avocado Takedown

Creamy-loving cooks will be going guac, for glory and fun.

We expect that you have both April 17 and October 7 through 9 circled in red marker on your big kitchen calendar. Those are the respective dates of the Fallbrook and Carpinteria avocado festivals, two guac-mad bashes that 'cado lovers kind of base their eating year around.

Sunday, April 17 isn't too far off, and neither is Fallbrook. But if you simply cannot wait, you can put in a bit of practice snacking at the Los Angeles Avocado Takedown. Yelp says the pit party is mixing it up at the Bootleg on Sunday, April 10, and the best part is you can play both the taster and the maker.

Meaning there are a few slots left, if you want to jump in and compete with that awesome guacamole that your coworkers are always asking about. But if you'd rather wield a tortilla chip than a spatula, you can certainly do that, too. A tasting ticket is ten bucks, and you'll be able to try a variety of avocadoly goodies.

To go for guac greatness, sign up ahead of time. To consume delicious guacamole, get tickets now. Time, by the way, is 2 p.m. on April 10, meaning your dinner plans will surely be spoiled. Best factor that in. But if one must spoil supper, guac is a fine way to do so.

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