Lovely Llamas, Walk Away Our City Cares

Probably like many Angelenos, we're often out with the dog, and while we stare at the dog, and the dog stares at a tree, and the minutes pass, and hours pass, we get to thinking: What would it be like to walk an animal, say, 40 times this pup's size?

Granted, that thought hadn't crossed our mind before ShangriLlama crossed our path. Based in La Habra Heights, ShangriLlama leads animal lovers, and several llamas on leads, into the brush-y, chaparral-esque hills for a beautiful, peaceful, you're-away-from-the-city-and-hangin'-with-a-llama stroll.

Llama Walks, they're called, in fact. And they happen several times during the month, both in the morning and evening. Just you, a group, fresh air, and a pretty, snorfly, majestic camelid -- the internet just taught that word -- thank you, internet -- on a leash.

When you're hanging with pack animals, stoking your appetite, hoofing it over wilder terrains, you naturally want to nosh at some point. A sandwich-y, potato-salad-ish picnic is part of the deal (those are other choices, but we're intractable on the point that a picnic must involve a potato salad).

You've been very complain-y lately, right? "I've got to get away" you've moaned in the direction of your cubicle mate 567 times since early May. But the funds. The time. The many invisible tethers. Here's our take: Llamas. You don't see them every day, unless you are a llama, and you live among llamas, and if you are, apologies. The scrubby area around La Habra Heights is away-ish-from-the-city-ish. And you can be back home that night to walk the dog. He will *not* believe it when you tell him what you've been up to.

Mini-vacation, spent with a beautiful, storied animal, and potato salad. Done.

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