Lucent Enlivens Valentine’s Eve

Lucent L'amour returns, with magic and art.

Curious Josh 1

Probably everyone has some vision of what Valentine's should be. A rose. A candle. A tablecloth. Something souffled.

But maybe your vision doesn't involve a souffle or a tablecloth. Perhaps outlandish art created by a team of painters painting before your eyes, DJ-spun tunes and extravagantly costumed performers twirling, dancing, astounding fits more in line with your holiday dreams.

Thank The Do LaB, a forward-thinking collective of creative types hailing from a rainbow of disciplines, for putting all of these colorful elements in the great big simmering cider that is Lucent L'amour.

Lucent, which celebrates Valentine's in 2010 a day early, on Saturday, February 13th, is a visual feast. The on-site cirque boasts vaudeville acts galore, acrobats covered in body paint, and funky moves -- and an aural one, with a host of top DJs and other musically gifted guests.

And the live art projects happening throughout the evening promise to lure participants, and allure. The 2010 painting-live scene is called Lightning in a Paintcan, so bet it'll have some zazoom to it.

We should also add that this year's Lucent has moved to the Shrine; last year it took over a city block. However you spell it, it is big.

Dress fabulous and pencil-in a few moments to be wowed; The Do LaB has a rep for fashioning worlds of art, sound and surreal fun that completely consume the viewer. 

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