Luxury Chocolate Salon

Notable nibs and beautiful beans make for a perfect Pasadena day.

Chocolate? Oh, that's kid's stuff, for the most part, right?

Well. Not quite right, of course, but that candy has become equated with childhood is certainly a fact. And do we ever see a tableful of adults sit down at a bar and promptly order a round of hot chocolates? No. We do not. (The day we do we shall applaud.)

But chocolate can be pretty highbrow business, of course. Highbrow in the best sense. Entire luxury salons are devoted to the sweet stuff, as one will be on Sunday, Sept. 25 in Pasadena. It's the Los Angeles Luxury Chocolate Salon, and while cocoa-loving amateurs are certainly welcome, bet you'll find plenty of people biting at nibs and sniffing syrups and thinking about the rich goodie in a very intellectual fashion.

"(A)rtisan, gourmet, and premium chocolate and confections" will be the star treats. People who make those treats will be present to talk mouth feel and sugar content and unusual combinations (we know chunky salt atop a choccie isn't a new thing, but that is a combo that will never run out of steam).

A ticket is $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

Now. Who's up for a whipped-cream-y round of hot chocolates? Anyone?

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