“Mad Men” Creator Getting Upstaged by Small Son

This may be a tad Nikki Finke-ish -- and we do adore Nikki Finke-ish-ness -- when we say that Matt Weiner is one well-liked guy around town. Not only for creating one bang-up, tight-sweater-set-and-pearls of a show  in "Mad Men," but for being plain nice. Yes, we said it. Everyone likes Matt, everyone knows Matt, or knows someone who knows him, and he's famous for being friendly and genuine with the people he meets, whether they are assistants or studio bigwigs.

But Matt, as sweet as you are, you're going to have to step aside and let your son Arlo dominate the headlines for a few days. Maybe even, we're suspecting, for years, or possibly decades, to come. Turns out the 8-year-old kid loves to dress kind of high-hat. In fact, he loves to don high hats, and ascots, and plaid, and argyle, all in a mix-and-match that makes him look ready for the runway. He's gotten Beck's attention (a pretty snappy dresser himself), and is the current darling of the fashion blogs.

Keep at it, Arlo. Who says kids just have to go the whole grubby-denim route? And Matt, better look to your tots for inspiration for your show. Maybe Don Draper can do more ascots?

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