Madonna Inn Peeptini: It's Back

Sip the pink-tastic beverage at one of the state's pinkest places.

IF THERE WAS A MAP, detailing all of the beautiful hues filling the Golden State, where would you find the color sandy beige? You might look first to Death Valley National Park, which boasts about a hundred different shades of the color sand. Up in the Sierra Nevada it truly is all about fir green, and over near Palm Springs? We'd have to go with swimming pool blue as its iconic, pleasing-to-the-eye entry. But if we're going to get into a certain spot just off the 101, in San Luis Obispo, a place known for displaying the full spectrum of the color wheel, we'd had say that pink, truly bright pink, reigns as the hue of choice. It is the...

MADONNA INN... we're quite obviously talking about, that landmark roadside motel that features rosy pink in several of its themed rooms, its famous Gold Rush Steak House, and, yes, its towering, frosting-thick Pink Champagne Cake. (You do remember correctly, that pink chocolate, the iconic chocolate that's long been a part of this particular cake, was briefly on vacation in 2016, but it is back, back, back.) Now, though, there's something else adding to the pink-o-sity that is the Madonna Inn, and it is the annual...

PEEPTINI: A pretty pink Peep is the centerpiece of this cocktail, one that includes "Ketel One Orange, Dr. McGillicuddy's Raw Vanilla, and orange juice." There is sugar on the rim, just to up the overall sweetness, and as for how long it'll peep-around the hotel? Just through Easter, of course, which is on April 16 in 2017. Is the Madonna Inn just about the pinkest place in the Golden State? Sip your Peeptini and discuss with your favorite California-loving, holiday drink-seeking co-adventurer.

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