Magic Duo Dishes at WGA Night

Do Penn Jillette and Teller know that Cirque Berzerk is landing in town on the very night they're headed for the WGA Theatre? Some enchanting and mysterious and adult-smart wind must be a-blowin' hot and strange through the hills. And we like it.

Penn & Teller, that tall/not-so-tall, loqacious/not-so-talkative twosome of magic, are headed for a Writers Bloc evening to talk the illusory arts. They've gained fame as longtime Las Vegas performers and cable stars and major-stage regulars who perform amazing tricks while calling out tricksters; a fascinating combo indeed.

For while some magicians prefer to keep the velvet curtain tightly closed -- no peeking at the contraptions and ropes and bells and whistles backstage -- Penn & Teller want the audience to peek. There is often explanation. And it is comical and enlightening.

Will all be revealed during the duo's Beverly Hills night of chitchat? Maybe, maybe not. Being on pins-and-needles about what's next puts us in a perfectly Penn-&-Teller-ish state of mind. Thursday, June 18th, 7:30PM. Writer's Guild Theatre at 135 S. Doheny.

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