Make-Up Shopping, Then Food-Truck Snacking

Cinema Secrets is keeping shoppers food-trucking.

We haven't yet arrived at the day when a food truck will be parked on every block in our fair city, but we're getting there. We're just hoping some sci-fi-mad, think-big producer is working on an epic where each of us has our *own* food truck, or maybe two. It's not really an apocalyptic world so much as an appetizing one.

For now, however, we can all find those ubiquitous trucks in places they weren't before. Like, parked in front of the store where you need to get all of your Halloween wigs and make-up kits and costumes. In fact, not only are food trucks pulling up to the famous Cinema Secrets shop in Burbank all this pre-Halloween week, but the busy-busy store has posted a full food truck schedule on its site.

Food trucks and Halloween prep, two of the things Los Angeles excels at. Among many things. What other two different concepts can we marry that really do belong together? Let's see. Fancy picnicking and Bowl concerts have already been done. So have theater groups and unusual venues. There are more offbeat pairings to be done, LA. Many more.

But for now, you should know that you could be purchasing a grilled cheese sandwich after buying your ghost get-up. That is, if you get to the shop around noon on Saturday, Oct. 30. Do ghosts like grilled cheeses? Only if they can make someone so scared that their teeth cheddar. Cheddar. Not chatter.

Yeah. Hmm.

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